Privacy and Security
Privacy and Security

Collection of Your Personal Information


If you are simply browsing our online catalogue at, you do not need to register or log on (see below), and no personal information will be requested from you. However, our web server automatically records the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer you use to visit, each time you visit. Moreover, information that you had previously provided to (e.g. what you typed into our customisable, online wine labels) may be stored and retrieved to reduce the time required to complete online orders.

If you choose to <contact us> on our web form or by any other means, and we deem a reply to be appropriate, we will note down your name and any means of communication with you that you have supplied us with (e.g. e-mail address, postal address, telephone or fax number), in order to send you a reply.

If you choose to rate a product on its product page, we will note down your name and comments about the product, for publication on if appropriate.


Before you make your first purchase with Image Blue, you need to register or set up an account on Details that will be collected from you on registration include:

· Name, postal address, telephone number and email address (mandatory).
· A password, nominated by you, for accessing your account with (mandatory).
· A drop down menu where you can select "YES" or "NO" to the statement, "I have read and accepted Image Blue's 'Terms and Conditions' and 'Privacy and Security' policy". Your registration, and any orders that you place, will only be accepted if you answer, "YES".
· A checkbox giving you the choice of joining the Image Blue Club, to receive regular newsletters and exclusive offers (optional). You may choose to leave the Image Blue Club and stop all future newsletters and marketing material from being sent to you at any time.
· The security code (see 'Security' below) generated by our website (mandatory).

Logging on, gift registry and placing orders

After you have registered with Image Blue, you may access your account by "logging on". For this, you will need to enter the email address you used to register with Image Blue, your nominated password and the security code (see 'Security' below) generated by our website.

Once you have logged on, you may change your account details (e.g. modify your personal information, add or change alternative shipping addresses, view your past orders). You may also use our <Gift Registry>, where you will be asked to enter the type, name and date of the event for which you are establishing the gift registry, and to indicate the shipping address of your gift registry order. You can store products that you wish to buy in the future in your "Wish List", and you can email others about a product that may interest them by clicking on the "Tell a Friend" button in its product page. You may obtain a quote from certain product pages by clicking on the "Save Quote" button.

You may place orders before or after you log on, but you must be logged on before you can checkout. During the checkout process, you will be asked to enter your payment details (e.g. credit card details, or that you will be paying with your corporate account), and any discount or gift code that you may have, in a digitally secure environment (see 'Security' below).

Corporate accounts

Repeat corporate customers may, after registration, apply for a trade account. In addition to the information that Image Blue routinely collects on customer registration (see 'Registration' above), we require the names, positions and contact details of a senior member of your business and 2 trade referees.

'Tell a friend' emails

You may have received an email inviting you to visit product pages in because you were nominated to receive the email by another person, through our 'Tell a friend' feature (see the <Help> page). If you do not wish to receive any more of these emails from Image Blue, please <contact us> and we will ask the nominee to refrain from nominating your email address in our 'Tell a friend' feature.

Use of Your Personal Information

Image Blue only uses your personal information for the conduct of the commercial relationship between you and Image Blue. This includes, but may not be limited to:

· Reply of your enquiries.
· Publication of your product reviews.
· Maintenance of Image Blue's customer database.
· Recording, execution, delivery and follow-up of your orders with Image Blue.
· If you have chosen to join the <Image Blue Club>, the delivery to you of newsletters and special offers from Image Blue.

Image Blue does not sell, lease or barter any of your identifiable personal information. Image Blue does not give any of your identifiable personal information, unless you request us or give us permission to do so.

Image Blue will give you and/or destroy all personal information we hold about you upon your request. Image Blue also destroys any personal information for which there is no future need.

Access to Your Personal Information

Only Image Blue staff members have access to your personal information, and only for the purposes mentioned in the 'Use of Your Personal Information' section above. All Image Blue staff members are trained to handle your personal information confidentially.

Online Security

From the moment you logon to or start registering with, you will automatically be transferred to a 128-bit secure sockets layer (SSL) to ensure that any personal information you send us online is protected with the highest available level of digital security. This includes but is not limited to your registration and logon information and payment details.

Moreover, when you logon to or register with, you will be asked to enter a "security code". This is a number generated instantanteously and randomly each time you visit, that you are asked to read and enter into the "security code" input box. It makes automated "hacking" into more difficult.


Image Blue will, at the earliest possible instance, notify you when it becomes aware of any breach of your privacy and security, and take all measures that are within our powers to prevent you from consequently incurring any loss. However, you agree to fully and forever indemnify Image Blue against any losses incurred by you as a result of any unauthorised use of your personal and/or payment details held (at any time) by Image Blue.

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